Over the decades, keno has managed to capture the interest of millions of players around the world, helped by its huge jackpots and attractive rewards. Learning the rules of this game is child’s play. It consists of predicting the numbers that will fall during the next draw. However, before trying your luck in a land or online casino, we warmly recommend that you familiarize yourself with the basic terms of keno! Here is a comprehensive terminology glossary. Good reading!

Home Advantage – Refers to the casino’s profit margin for a given game. The house advantage is generally in the form of a percentage. In keno, it hovers around 25%.

Bankroll – A player’s budget for the casino.

Bank – Defines the amount of money the casino has during the game.

Balls – Balls numbered 1 to 80 are used to make a draw.

Odds – A term that refers to the actual probabilities of a given outcome. Whether you play keno or any other casino game, it is essential to pay attention to its odds to better understand your chances of winning.

Caller – Also known as an ‘announcer,’ this term refers to the person in charge of announcing the numbers aloud as they are drawn.

Random Number Generator – Computer program that selects the winning combinations in the most absolute chance. As a general rule, all fair games in the digital world make use of random number generators.

Jackpot – Colossal amount of money allocated to a winning player who has chosen to place an additional progressive bet.

Live Keno – Part of ordinary keno played at the casino. 

King – In keno, you have to select numbers. If you select only one, it will be called the ‘king.’

Home – An alternative term for the casino itself. 

Implementation – The implementation (or bet) must be placed on certain numbers at the start of the game.

Free Game – Most casinos will give you the opportunity to play a game of keno for free. This means that you can take part in a game without making real money bets.

Quick Pick – In online keno, a player can select his numbers himself or let the computer do it by clicking on the ‘Quick Pick’ option. In doing so, the software will choose the numbers for you.

Spill – Refers to the amount of money the player will receive based on the winning numbers they correctly predicted.

Earnings Chart – Diagram showing the payout associated with each win.

Ticket – A keno ticket comes in the form of a sheet of paper with 80 numbers on it. The player uses it to check his numbers.

Draw – Group of 20 numbers drawn during a game of keno. These are the winning numbers for the game.

Buy-In Tournament – This is a tournament in which the player must pay participation fees to take part in a defined number of games. Players compete to win prizes.

Keno Video – Unlike live keno, keno video is played on an electronic machine.